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The Tabula Rasa collection is a set of artworks that are filled with the artist's deepest emotions. These paintings have been widely understood as her best portrayal of the female soul. The symbolism that we can see is delicately applied with gentle and detailed brush strokes. Yet the mysticism is created with a range of white, black, and gold. All of these colours are carefully selected by the artist to be able to showcase her work in the way that she had envisioned it. The works have an expressionist style, however, the figures themselves are quite detailed and symbolism is also very much at the forefronts. This is yet another way that Antonia Theo uses to express her emotions in her art. The brushstrokes are very coarse in some places and in others, refined to perfection. This specific side of the artist shows the constant balance of chaos and order and the choice of colours is of course not an accident. Historically, in the art world, black was a symbol of darkness, the abyss and evil while white was always its inverse of purity, innocence and goodness. Gold, however, was always associated with the Devine, which the artist uses on her canvases quite a lot. These paintings are meant to challenge the viewer so that they are able to see what's deep in the female soul. Dreams, passions, failures and love. The female soul can revive itself and start on a blank slate (Tabula Rasa). It is an ever evolving being and the artist welcomes the viewer to understand its ancient depths.

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