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The Celebrating Water collection is inspired by the artist's love for swimming in the deepest parts of the sea. Luscious royal blue, turquoise and sparkles of white are the colours she has chosen to showcase her ideas on the canvas. The brushstrokes are very detailed, especially when portraying the waves casting themselves onto the rocks. The calm water part of the series shows the viewer a side of water that most people miss. Since water is a part of the creation of the material world, therefore divine in nature, there is an aspect to its existence that is fundamentally tied to harmony. In those pieces we see the little sparkles of light reflecting onto the surface of the water, showing us its purity and contrasting the deepest blues for its depths. Water has no mercy, especially when carving through rock or land. Water is creative but also destructive in the most beautiful way. One the Victoria Waterfront painting, Antonia Theo shows the viewer how the Sun, through pink clouds gently caresses the water as there is a Divine connection.

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