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The Moon River collection is a part of the artist's memories. It is inspired by a river near the Black Sea called Ropotamo. The artist shows a detailed harmony with sparkling shades of blue, green, white, red and yellow. The result is a captivating view of the river which enters into the deep and chaotic sea. The theme is very symbolic because it shares the artist's personal touch of chaos and order combined. The known, the unknown, the harmonic and the dissonant.  The calm and diverse waters of the Ropotamo river are delicate and connected to variety of forms of life, even on its surface. The vast sea that is ever changing and unknown while the mysterious Moon shines its Devine light through the stormy clouds onto the waters as if it is guiding the way to the light. Antonia Theo successfully gives us a look of life itself, the perfect pairing of chaos and monotony, indeed the harmonic balance.  As our lives begin with innocence and calmness and we follow the colours throughout these canvases we see the meaning and the changes that occur in time. Mainly we see the light that guides our paths towards the higher, towards the greater, towards love.

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